PLGM Main Missions

The Ministry


Main activities

Preach the Gospel to the nations with revelation; we call it prophetic evangelism to the nations


Setting people free from the hands of the devil (Liberate) by:

  • Revelation: Prophecy, Knowledge Word, Wisdom word, spirits discernment
  • Intercession (Prayer)
  • Preaching the word of GOD
    • Console the body of Christ
    • Edify, support and consolidate the body of Christ
    • Steady the faith of the people of GOD
    • Glorify GOD


Ministries in Plural, for we are talking about two gifts of the ministry here.
The ministry of the Prophet and that of the Evangelist.

Powerful Gospel
Only powerful Gospel can operate miracles of complete kinds.
The Gospel in itself is a power, for it is the announcement of the word of GOD, GOD himself.